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Fancy Fruit Cocktail Cubes

August 2, 2010

Fancy fruit cubes for your drink or cocktail.

I am a HUGE fan of fruit. I’s healthy and versatile. But sometimes I just want to do something with fruit that isn’t overly fancy. So here are my fruit cubes, a cute little way to lighten up a drink.

Pretty simple, really. Just get your favorite fruits and chop them up into chunks that fill fit in a well of an ice cube tray. I used cantaloupe and grapes. The grapes did not have to be chopped up by the way. Then fill the trays with water and freeze.

Easy fruits to do this with are melons, grapes, apples, strawberries, blueberries, or anything seedless. Pitted fruits should be easy as well, as long as they are firm enough.

To make large batches, make some room in your freezer. As the cubes freeze, drop them in a bowl and store in the freezer to keep cold. Then repeat with the tray. Stir up the ice cubes a bit every so often so they don’t freeze together!

Plop some in your drink and carry on! As the ice freezes your fruit will either sink or float. You can throw the fruit away, but I ate mine once I was finished with my drink.

Hope you have fun with fruit cubes, 😀

Coffee on the Go

July 22, 2010

I read over my last post and decided that it was rather… depressing. I mean, how many folks are going to go squee and raise their hands for the next installment of that little number? I don’t even want to read the bugger.

So how to attract the masses? Coffee and chocolate. Cha-ching, we are back in business, ol’ chaps.

So all these places are now in the way of the cold-coffee-treats. Yummy little numbers that are doing a job on our tummies and our wallets. My family is addicted to them too. While my mother prefers the cheep McDonald’s Frapes, or whatever the ruddy things are called, my more refined pallet yearns for the delectable treat that is a Starbucks Mocha Frappacino.

But they’re expensive, and nobody has a Starbucks for a home. (For those readers who DO live next to a Frappacino maker, please e-mail me where I can send first months rent, security, and I’ll prop up a cot.)

For a quick breakfast fueling, try this…

Before you dump out that leftover coffee, let’s get an ait tight container and pour it in, then tuck it away in your fridge. This should keep for a few days, and most importantly, it should keep COOL.

Every morning make sure you have some ice, milk, and chocolate syrup ready to go.

Now everything is to taste. It took me a while to find out how much of each ingredient I want to add to my little drink of wonder.

Half a cup of your COLD coffee and a generous squirt of chocolate syrup are dumped into your favorite travel mug. (Mine happens to be a plastic travel cup that looks JUST like a Starbucks disposable mug). Grab your milk and pour in as much as you can fit into your mug, leaving about an inch so when you add your ice it doesn’t flow over. Stir it up nice and good before adding your ice, however, to keep away those pesky messes.

TASTE! You may find out you added too much milk, or not enough coffee, or too much chocolate syrup. If you have a larger mug, then you should probably add more coffee than I do. My mug is fairly small so i don’t need a large amount.

If you have a good memory, and more things to do before heading out the door, you can plop your cup in the fridge to give it a quick chill. Just don’t forget it!

If you try this when you are home with time to do a little experimenting you might find something you can get used to. They’re easy to throw together, just a minute or so. And they are CHEAP! Think about replacing one of those five dollar drinks with one of these babies once or twice a week.

Best of all you can make these sort of… healthy. Just use sugar-free/reduced fat chocolate syrup and skim/%2 milk. Coffee is your choice as well, so go crazy with flavors, brands, and even decaf.

Sip, smile, repeat, 🙂

A hobbit…

July 22, 2010

I’ve had this blog sitting here for a while now, not really knowing what to start talking about. But today something happened that hit me like a train and showed me how I need to be who I am and not conform to other’s’ expectations for me.

Tolkien, a favorite author of me, started his epic adventures with the smallest of things in his fictional world. Hobbits. Little people who are content in their gardens, kitchens, and pubs. Cheery fellows and lasses who have entirely no idea what lies beyond the flower pots and barrels of ale. I’m kinda a hobbit, only I am considerably taller, not old enough to drink and therefore don’t, and I want to go beyond the flower pots.

And today I realized that while passing those flower pots, I’m going to chuck one at a certain individual’s head.

After a long ‘conversation’ I was told, blankly, that I would die alone, or my husband would divorce me, and I would be ultimately unhappy because I refuse to be a housewife. Sexist pig much?

So I think that being married is a team thing, and that I am allowed to have a career. Excuse you, Sexist Pig, and no I am not giving him a name given to human beings, but I work my gorgeous little arse off to be who and what I am. I have a ways to go, but I’ve gone a ways already. Try to stop me, I’ll turn your greasy behind into some bacon.

So why start with hobbits and pigs? Hobbits are just that little match of light I have to smile at right now. It’s what’s going to get me blogging, writing, and living. It’s life, filled with what is loved and what makes us smile inside and out.

Why pigs? That sexist pig lit that match. So thanks, you officially showed me how I need to propel my life to show disgusting lumps of garbage exactly why I am proud to be an educated female.

The next post will be full of cheer, hope, and life. I promise.

Oh, one last thing…

Dear Sexist Pig,

This isn’t over.

By a long shot.

No love, on this planet, nor the other eight, including Pluto, damn it, nor any other rock in the big black beyond…

 – Becca